Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas 2011

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

PhotobucketHere we are as "The Count and His Bride"

Photobucket "Mikey Mike and Miss Zoey"

Photobucket Ohhhhhh yessss we had two different costumes this year.

Here is our cute friend "Taffy da Pumpkin"

Lots of XOXO's to ya Taffy!

This is our cousin Izzy Bug! Hey Izzy we love you very much.

XOXO Mike and Zoey

Diamond and Izzy with their devilish pose. You two girls don't scare us!
Mike and Zoey

Sunday, March 30, 2008

We have been busy!

Boy this hunting for Easter Eggs is a big job. We went around and around the house looking. Mike and I didn't get to touch any of them! It was a fun day with Hailey though!
Zoey and Mike

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Get a Voki now!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Contest We Won!

Woooooo Hoooooo We won one of the prizes for the August Frosty Paws contest! 24 delicious Frosty Paw coupons are heading our way! Check us out!

This is not our first time as contest winners either folks. We won the Tug-of-War contest last December from Boston Terrier Rescue Net.
We love winning stuff!

Zoey and Mikey

Friday, July 20, 2007


If you are tired of asking your mom and dad for a doggie door, do what Murphy did. DIY! Murphy's new motto is "If you want something done and done right, DIY!"

Murphy informs me that if any of you out there needs some DIY information, you can contact him at 1-800-Murphy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Do YOU have one of these in captivity?

Ladies, Gentlemen, and kids of all ages, please beware! THEY are every where. THEY come in all colors, sizes and shapes. THEY have all different kinds of names like Mutt, Heinz 57, Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, Border Collies, Dachshunds, and Shih Tzus to name a few. THEY are all the same. Don't let any of THEM fool you. Don't turn you back on any of THEM. THEY can't be trusted. THEY are all "Shoe Killers" If you don't have one living in your home, you can bank on it, your neighbor does! THEY will attack an innocent pair of shoes just because. We have a "Shoe Killer" that lives in our home. This is not the first attack by any means. We try the best we can to keep the innocent victims out of harms way, but that is no match for "Mikey."

Don't let this innocent looking face fool you!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is this what they call a tease?????

Here she is. Remember I had a job baby sitting Hailey? Well I was back on duty last week.

Mommy, Mikey and I were watching Hailey last week. I think I did most of the work too! She wacked me in the head with a Swiffer thing! Ouch!

Daddy got Haily this Penguin Pool with the balls to play in while she was visiting us. That isn't fair!!!! Mikey and I wanted the balls. Everyone knows how much we love tennis balls. Did we get to play with them? NO!

Look at Hailey smiling because she knows I will get in trouble if I get one of the balls. I think I heard her mumble Ha, Ha, Ha! Zoey!

I'll show them.......

Who is smiling now?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Easter!!!!

Well, as you can see mommy is at it again. We hope we gets lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny since we agreed to impersonate him!
Happy Easter!
Zoey and Mike

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Our Sweet Baby Panda

My sweet Panda Bear. March 2nd 2007 was one of the saddest days of my life. It was the day I had to say goodbye to my best friend. I know you know how much daddy and I love you. The dates are not important, but The Dash is.
  • The Dash is written by Linda Ellis.
    Panda, how do I thank you for sharing your Dash with me? I will never forget that first day I met you. You and Daddy came over to my house for you to meet me. I really didn't know what to expect. I didn't expect to fall in love with you at first site, but that is exactly what happened. Your cute smile and personality were the best in the world. Not to mention what a cute sweet smart girl you were. You made us laugh a hundred million times! I remember one day I was baby sitting you and let you go out in the backyard to go to the bathroom and get some sunshine. You were sporting an e-collar. I heard the neighborhood kids yelling "Pit Bull! Pit Bull!" I had never seen a Pit Bull before and figured I would peak out of the front door to see what one looked like. What did I see, but your will butt trotting down the sidewalk! Butt wagging one way and head the other! I was shocked! I couldn't believe the kids thought you were the Pit Bull. I called you; you stopped in your tracks, turned your head and had a silly grin on your face. You turned on a dime and headed back to me.

    I have lots of memories of you, that I hope I never forget. How about that day Daddy and I came home from a Mardi Gras parade with a bunch of Moon Pies? You little stinker! We couldn't figure out where they went! I'll bet you were laughing because it took us to while to figure out you had a Moon Pie in every corner of the house.

    The day my heart stopped was the day; we came home and couldn't find you! We called you and called you when we got home. We found it so strange that you didn't greet us at the door. My first thought was maybe when we left the house, you had gotten out and we didn't see you. I was so sad to think you were gone. Daddy kept telling me he was sure you were in the house though. We both stopped talking and started listening for you. I will never forget how happy I was to hear that little sound you used to make that sounded like a whale clearing out that hole in the top of their heads. You rat! I'm sorry that thunderstorm scared you enough to hide behind the dryer. I would have never thought to look there for you.

    Remember the day we went to the walk along the Mississippi River? We watched the brown pelicans fly past the pavilion. You were your usually funny self that day. Daddy and I laughed at you because you had your head cocked so that one nostril could be glued to the cement smelling everything that crossed that path, and the other nostril off the ground for air.

    The day at Audubon Park was one to remember. I thought you were going to break your neck when you took off full speed after a squirrel! I think that day was the first time you saw a lagoon. I don't remember if that is the same day we went to the pizza parlor that allowed dogs, but I think you had a good time there as well.

    Remembering food… about the countless picnics we have been on? We always had fun on the side of the road, or in a park eating fried chicken, burgers or a pizza.

    You helped ease the pain I had moving here. I left my friends, family, job and school to be with you and daddy. I don't think anyone knew how hard it was for me, except you. I can't tell you how nice it felt when you would come sit next to me and lean your body next to me like you were giving me a hug telling me everything would be ok. You always knew the right thing to do to comfort me. I loved how you would snuggle next to me at night. I can't tell you enough how much I miss that. I miss the sweet smell of your ears. They always had a puppy smell, I will never forget.

    I will never forget the horror Daddy and I felt the day we were told you had to have your beautiful blue eye removed. It was like a knife in our hearts. It couldn't be we thought. You were such a little trouper. You trusted our judgment completely. You had the best doctors we would find. We were told you would look at cute as ever and you did. That was just about the same time we thought you needed a brother. We kept telling you we were going to get a brother for you and we started looking. It was because of you and the love of Bostons that you taught us that we knew we wanted another Boston. We didn't find that brother for you just yet, but instead found Zoey. Oh Lord! How patient you were with that little baby! She could do anything she wanted to with you and you were always patient. You taught Zoey so many things that she didn't learn from her momma. I know she was like your baby. You taught her how to play and how to sit down fast when little sharp teeth would sink into your butt. You showed her how you brought balls and toys back to who ever threw them for you. Ha Ha Ha! Remember turning in a circle with a toy in your mouth, so Zoey would have to run her little legs off to try to get it from you while all you did was stand in one place and turn in a circle! You were so clever. It is funny to see that Zoey does so many of the maneuvers you taught her.

    That trip to the Atlantic Ocean was fun. You and Zoey had never been to the ocean before. The people at the hotel were excited about you and Zoey being guest when we checked in. They gave you kids doggie treats and wanted to baby sit you both behind the front desk while daddy and I went to dinner. They thought you two were the cutest doggies ever. Oh yes, remember that week we stayed at the hotel in Ohio? Every one fell in love with you and Zoey there too. Remember the housekeepers used to knock on the door to visit you and would always say "Hi" when we went for walks.

    It was because of our love for you and Zoey that daddy and I got interested in rescue. Because of you, we welcomed Zoey in the family, and because of you, we welcomed Mike. That last day, Zoey came to you for you to lick her face as you have done all of her life. She did it as to say, "Just once more before you go." Even Mike came to you and licked your face which he had never before done to let you know he loved you.

  • My sweet baby Panda, I will miss you the rest of my life. I know I will see you again and you will be there to welcome me home.

    Every time I see water running from a hose I will thing about the fun you used to have trying to catch it. I hope you are running and playing now my angel.

    Thank you Arlene from Bostons R Us for creating this beautiful memorial page for Panda.

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    We would like to wish every one a Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you get lots of kisses


    Panda, Mike and Zoey

    Friday, December 15, 2006

    Naughty or Nice????

    Look at the smiles on Barkley and Alle's faces. We know they have been NICE this year!

    Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    Santa's little helpers

    Have you ever wondered what Santa's little helpers really look like?

    Elf Murphy

    Elf Harley

    Mini Santa Brunson

    Friday, December 01, 2006

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Where is that guy in the red suit?

    The buzz around our house is Santa Paws will be coming for a visit!!! Mommy says we have to be extra good to get something from Santa Paws. We heard the mention of coal?? Hmmmm, we wonder why.

    Daddy is second guessing the idea of us having a Christmas tree because a certain one of us will mark it for sure!

    Merry Christmas!


    Panda, Zoey and Mike

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Waiting for a Special Person

    Here we are waiting for a very SPECIAL person. We need to tell him what we want for Christmas! If any of you see Santa Paws, please tell him we are sitting here waiting for him!


    Harley, Brunson, and Murphy

    Sunday, November 19, 2006

    Our New Friend Bud!

    This is our new friend Bud! Isn't he a cutie pie? Mommy met Bud's mommy this weekend and this is what Bud's mommy had to say about Bud.

    "He is our sweet love child, we got him through a breeder who got his litter from a puppy mill in North Georgia.. Was rolly polly and lovable from the beginning! He sleeps a lot the older he gets, but still has that light in his eye from puppyhood... Because of tooth loss, his tongue slips out while he rests and my kids beg me to take more pictures of him..!"

    Bud and Panda have a lot in common, they both sleep with their tongue out of their mouth!

    Panda, Zoey and Mike

    Friday, November 03, 2006


    We went to our very 1st NASCAR race! We thought we would be pictured with our favorite driver. He didn't win the race, so we didn't let him take a picture with us!
    Brunson, Harley, and Murphy

    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    Monday, October 30, 2006

    "Treat! I didn't get a treat but I think I got T-R-I-C-K-E-D!"

    Poor Izzy Bug! Her mommy and daddy put her cow mask on while she is sleeping. She does look like a real cow though!

    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    Brunson, Murphy, and Harley are ready to Trick-or-Treat!

    Harley says "if you don't give me some goodies, I'm going to pinch your big toe!"

    Murphy says he is waiting for a devil of a time!

    Brunson-stine says he like lots of goodies!

    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Happy Halloween!

    Halloween is right around the corner. Mommy said the ghosts and goblins will be out in full force.

    Our job is going to be to guard the candy! Here we are trying on our costume

    I wonder why Mike is dressed like the devil?

    Zoey and I love our wings. We think we look beautiful! Mommy will post your Halloween pictures too. Just sent them to her with a little story!


    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    There is no way you can pin this on me!

    This is a true story. Mommy was inside working while Panda, Zoey and I were taking naps. There was a noise outside like something hit the house. Me being the good watch dog that I am ran outside in the rain barking. I tried to make Mommy follow me, but she wouldn't. She just looked out and looked around inside to try to figure out what happened. I don't know why mommy didn't follow me outside.

    Uh Oh! This doesn't look good. Thank goodness I have mommy, Panda and Zoey as my alibi. They'll be no creating a time line of my where abouts either!

    I wonder what happened here? What made this bird bath just fall over? Not me, no sirrrr!

    We used to have a pond right in this very spot. I had 3 pet frogs living in it too. I would try to catch them, but Daddy said he was afraid I would fall in one day and drown! Daddy took the pond out and out came my 3 little froggy friends. Daddy said they would be ok and put them near some rocks for a hidding space from me. From me??? Then daddy put this fountain where the pond used to be.

    Now I just wonder if those froggies were in the water in the bird bath? Let me see here.......nope, they are not there.

    Yikes, I better get out of here!


    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Oooops! We did it again...........

    Mommy and Daddy had to go out to eat again. They went with Harley and Murphy’s mommy and daddy. They should have brought us kids! Noooo we had to stay home. It was getting kind of late and Panda, Zoey and I started talking about Halloween. I didn’t know anything about Halloween until the girls told me what it was. Panda said mommy was going to dress us up and kids were going to come to our house to get candy! Wow! That should be fun. Panda said that if you don’t give the kids candy they might toilet paper your house. Hmmmm toilet paper…….. Zoey and I like to play with the “do-doot-ta-do” inside the toilet paper roll. I wonder what toilet paper your house means. I said “hey gang, I know were daddy left a 4 pack of toilet paper.” We should get it and play with the “do-doot-ta-do” until mommy and daddy get home! That way we won’t be in trouble for anything when they get home. We first had to figure out how to get to the “do-doot-ta-do.” I was real careful when I tore the outer paper off and got a roll. Those rolls are pretty thick and I had a time getting that into my mouth. I had to bite some of the paper off inside before I could bring it outside. I also worked on it outside too. I almost got down to the good part, when “they” came home. Mommy took a look at the bedroom floor and told daddy he might want to take a peek. He declined and just said he didn’t want to know what ever happened. Then mommy looked in the yard like she always does and she tells daddy, “well your kids have toilet papered the back yard!” I didn’t know that is what you call what we did! That was kind of fun. No wonder the kids do that if you don’t give them candy. Daddy wouldn’t go outside to look at the yard. Here is a picture. I don’t think it looks that bad do you?

    We got caught red handed....well, red pawed! Notice the Queen Bee didn't get caught? I wonder how daddy's shoes and sock got out there? Daddy made some kind of remark about how he was going to chain the doormat in place like the "peg leg" man that was chained at "Eat at Joe's." What does that mean?


    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Wow! What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    Look at all of us! Mommy and daddy took us to the dog park and we met some new friends! That is Panda with the white head getting her head scratch. My Daddy is hold me (Zoey) by my harness, Mike is to the right of me. Our new friend Gooch is on the right of Mike, then a doggy I don't know then Sophie (Gooch's new sister.)

    We went one by one.

    We went two by two!
    We went three by three

    Here we are four by four! Sorry, but we don't know the name of the doggy in the middle. Which takes us back up to the top where we are five by five! What a great Boston Day we had.
    Our new friends Gooch and Sophie have a blog. You can follow their adventures Gooch and Shophie's Page

    Friday, September 22, 2006


    Well here they are ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! Introducing your "LSU FIGHTING TIGERS" Geaux LSU!

    Oh, you noticed one cheerleader is missing. Oh yes, that would be "Mike The Tiger." He is afraid of his sweater!